and Supply-Chains


and LEADERSHIP … are most important for strong brands


and Supply-Chains


and LEADERSHIP … are most important for strong brands

IT-MAnager/in | ICT*-Manager/in


Our client provides a cleaner everyday life and is a leading supplier of tissue paper for house-holds and professional companies, the world’s leading supplier of greaseproof papers. The company is part of a Northern European group with almost 10,000 employees and 6 billion € turnover and 30 plants globally, pioneer in sustainable bioeconomy. With a turnover of 0.9 billion euros, various brands and production sites in 5 countries and 2,500 employees – almost 1,000 of them in Germany – the company is a medium-sized enterprise with fast decision-making processes.

German ICT*-Manager (GIM)

We are looking for a service oriented German ICT Manager (GIM) to join the Group’s ICT Team to provide services for the German Organisation with three mill units around south and west of Cologne and several offices in Germany. You will be supporting the business by designing and supporting world class digital solutions. IT knowledge, communication, Business continuity, cybersecurity, and digital innovation are cornerstones for success in this position.

GIM will work as local face of the Group ICT being continuously a trusted companion for the Groups business in Germany. You will be planning mill level IT related investments together with local business management and in your work you can lean to the support of Group ICT’s 200 experienced and knowledgeable professionals globally.

We expect that GIM has proven practical level experience in ICT and understanding different ICT practices, service management, project management, ICT infrastructure. LIM will execute IT initiatives in the mills. If you happen to be more experienced in OT/automation than in ICT, please consider this position as ICT/OT interface experience is valued highly by us as well. LIMs are often running local ICT projects, so project management skills are a plus. Days are seldom boring within this Group.


Former/current ICT Manager gets retired, during his 40 years IT / ITK Manager-Live he was responsible for up 40 fte (Application-Management, Server/Network, Cloud and 1,2,3rd level Supportteams) to five plants in Central Europe.


You will be responsible for operational delivery of mill level ICT services, by

  • providing and coordination direct 2nd level ICT service support/maintenance.
  • coordinating of agreed 3rd party ICT partners
  • mill onsite ICT Support management and resource coordination
  • finance planning and budgeting
  • planning of mill level IT related investments together with mill management


  • an educational degree in computing or automation.
  • some years of experience being developed through engineering and/or mill operations. LIM benefits in his work knowledge of ICT technologies and mills’ (process industry) automation IT processes.
  • capability to enhance the feedback of technical information from the central ICT teams towards local businesses.
  • an ambition to drive services and act as a resource to local business to improve their ICT quality. Therefore LIM’s strong business relationship management skills for local business stakeholders is a must
  • analytical, efficient, and cooperative skills with the ability to work and contribute proactively and independently, in teams and across the organization.
  • strong organizational and workflow skills as well as the ability to conceptualize and understand various ICT related challenges and issues.
  • knowledge of a variety ICT sourcing activities, vendor selection practices, and agreement negotiations for the local / central ICT activities and projects.
  • the ability to take local responsibility in multi-cultural ICT projects and tasks.
  • able to travel domestically and internationally.
  • fluent in German and English.


The group has a responsible corporate culture that creates a safe working environment for all. There is investment in good leadership development and career advancement, caring for the well-being of employees and rewarding ownership and good performance. Flexibility and skills development are important, ideally through job rotations throughout the company.


  • a career opportunity and challenging position in a strongly development-oriented environment in a successful and traditional line of business.
  • Dynamic and business operations oriented ICT work community
  • We are thriving / driving for continuous improvement and renewal, are you?


  • Next steps may be are in IT Roles in the Headquarter, the US or in a Mill-Operation Management Role as Technical-, Maintenance or Production Manager. 


Freue mich über eine Kontaktaufnahme an ajs@primus-omnium.com – oder mit einem aussagefähigen Xing-, oder besser Linkedin-Profil – gerne auch per whatsapp an Jörg Schön +49.171.5803595. Nach Abstimmung gerne auch Telefonat, nach Abstimmung Di-Fr. 7.30 – 8.30, Di-Do. 17.30-19.00, nach Abstimmung 19.30-21.00 oder tagsüber bzw. Samstag nach Abstimmung. Erbitte dann 6 Std. vorab kurze Whattsapp/sms mit linkedin (Xing)-Profil und Terminvorschlag.


* ICT Manager = Information and Communications Technology Manager

What is ICT?

First, you need to understand that ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is basically everything to do with computers and communications equipment, including the software used to generate, hold, receive, spread, control, and decipher information in numerous formats.

Are ICT and IT the Same Thing?

The long and short of this question is no. Though ICT is sometimes considered an extended synonym for IT (information technology); its range is larger. ICT is often described as combining several different technologies that allow various communications to flow in varying formats and various media.

Components of ICT

ICT represents all technological advances that allow individuals to connect through various digital media around the world, such as:

  • Data
  • Software
  • Internet
  • Transactions
  • Hardware
  • The cloud

Why Is ICT Important

ICT is used to communicate and get things out with proficiency. It saves time and reaches a wider range of people for whatever reason that may be. Bottom line? If you want something to get out quickly, ICT is important.

What is an ICT Manager?

An ICT manager job description is responsible for running, organizing, and coordinating the development maintenance, information technology, and computer systems, running and evaluating IT and electronic data operations, and managing staff if their IT duties.

What Does an ICT Manager Do?

You might be wondering exactly what are the ICT duties and responsibilities? 

Here’s the thing: they are responsible for a lot, including overseeing the security of the ICT system and analyzing information needed to specify technology to meet those requirements.

An ICT manager also needs to formulate and direct information and communicate technology strategies (ICT) plans and policies.

Some of the other responsibilities of an ICT manager are:

  • To manage information technology and computer systems
  • Oversee and plan IT and the electronic data systems
  • Recruit, train, coach, and manage IT staff
  • Evaluate their performance, developments, implementations, and whether they follow policy or procedure
  • Secure data, network access, and any backup systems
  • Implement solutions where a problem may arise in an Audit system and evaluate outcomes
  • Keep information secure and preserve control structures
  • Be cost-effective and stick to the annual budget


Maybe the personality and therefore the communication skills are almost the most important criterion when choosing an ICT manager. The person is the link between all stakeholders, has to gain the trust of all, the national management, the external partners (1,2,3rd level support, application and network/server management), the works council, the users in the offices and the engineers and technicians in the factories, those responsible for production and automation IT, the technical and mill management. The tasks include troubleshooting and budget and long-term planning, i.e. bringing together the right contacts often and quickly to solve problems.

ICT Manager Job Outlook

As an ICT Manager, you are essentially taking on a senior support staff role to support your client.

There are some key skills that every ICT Manager should possess or work to strengthen to excel in their role and what employers look for when writing an ICT manager job outlook:

Troubleshooting is critical in the role of ICT Manager. Having the ability to isolate, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues systematically is a must. The issues that arise in the technological field are ever-changing. An ICT manager must be able to research to figure out a problem that has not been encountered before

Assuring your client that you will resolve the issue and explain to them what that issue might be, is critical. A client is not computer savvy, typically speaking; that’s why they hire an ICT specialist. However, they are concerned about their business, so speaking to them to understand without feeling spoken down to is important.

ICT Manager Salary

If your calling is as an ICT manager, then you’re going to make some pretty sweet earnings for your troubles. An ICT manager salary ranges depending on qualifications, experience, and additional skills. However, that a similar title of “Computer and Information Systems Manager” makes an average of around 125 K €uro per year plus car.

Region: 5
Salary: sechsstellig
Sector: Globaler Konzern - deutsche Gruppe
Consultant: Jörg Schön